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authored by alice:
After a hiccup’y start with matt’s laptop refusing to show the slides he and james have sweated over for the past 48 hours (ad-hoc ad-libbing), the iCan presentation bursts into technicolor, startling matt into some ad-hoc air-guitaring.

No need for notes, just see the presentation… meanwhile, an excerpt from the etcon rolling irc channel..

malaclyps> _joshua: there’s some geo stuff in the BBC i-can talk
malaclyps> “Tipping points trialled with local action groups” – the bbc is trying to kickstart local democracy
Schuyler> amazing
Schuyler> and they’re government funded
* _joshua is bitter
malaclyps> Schuyler: no, they’re charter-funded. it’s different.
Roger> Isn’t everything in the UK government funded?
Roger> ;)
* Alice chuckles
malaclyps> it’s like the judiciary is “government funded”
Schuyler> the US federal government would never support something as CRAZY and FOOLISH as this
Schuyler> Charter-funded …?
Roger> Who funds the charter?
malaclyps> Schuyler: it’s funded by a licence fee provided by royal charter. govt. has little to do with it.
Schuyler> hmm
Schuyler> you mean, it’s paid for with voter tax dollars BY ROYAL FIAT?
malaclyps> yep
Schuyler> yow
malaclyps> think of it as another wing of government in the wider constitutional sense
[ snipped mini discussion on value of monarchy & description of charter funding ]
Schuyler> this is great though
Schuyler> their project is fscking huge
Schuyler> but, properly funded, it could work!


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