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ars electronica:2004

48490030I am speaking at ars electronica on a panel called netvision.
Which means I get to hang out in Linz and attend a couple of days of the festival.
So far I have spent most of my time with the Austrian Creative Commons folk who are launching on Tuesday. As well as the usual stickers and flyers they have CC open source water!
One of the organisers told me that the bottles were originally part of a temporary art installation. The artist then wanted the bottles to be re-used. In stepped CC Austria with an offer to do something new with them. CC Austria then found a group of farmers that manage 4 fountains in an Austrian village. Apparently they come together every year to discuss who shall have access to the water for commercial use – farming – and to discuss maintaining the fountains for non-commercial use – people passing by who are thirsty. CC Austria approached the farmers and got permission to bottle some of the water for non-commercial purposes.


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