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ars electronica:2004:part 2: digital communities panel

Warning – raw conference notes.
This year the Ars Electronica added a prix for digital communities. Howard Rheingold was the jury chair and is having a little chat about the history of digital communities.

wikipedia won a golden nika. Jimmy Wales is giving a rundown of wikipedia – this is the same presentation that he gave in London.

dorothy okello uganda – combination of offline and online technologies are important in order to ensure reach and inclusion. uganda’s official language is english. online sources are really important sources – they are used and incorporated in newsletters and

the world starts with me – golden nica
hiv aids, illegal abortion, life skills, alex okwaupt, teaching young people life skills, sexual and reproductive health information, virtual peer educators, used across schools.

Missed the middle part of this panel – smart extension is a cultural survival tool. It is a tool to try and keep culture alive – tonga.

Joi was on the panel – 14 honorary mentions
some of the key notes was that many political activism sites were overly complex.

Joi does it again with this quote:
it used to be that you watched tv and your vote counts – now you engage in media and your VOICE counts.

Sitting next to Jan – – he bluejacked me within seconds of sitting down – cheeky :)

panel conversation: There is a feeling that the validity of information from a source is really important. This seems to me to be missing the point of having lots of points of views available. Surely the myth of objectivity is finally coming undone. While journalists do not use first person grammar one only has to look at FOX news to see that it does not make them anymore objective. The point seems to me to be that consuming news/information is now something that you do by following facets of objectivity. You can now get a lots of different truths and come to your own conclusions about facts. – this is stream of consciousness – will work on later.


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  1. you would be surprised to find out that in my 6 [i know…!] days here i was only able to bluejack 3 people… i find that surprising. it was a small experiment of mine. i thought certainly with this techsavvy and experimental crowd it would be easier to do…

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