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ars electronica:2004:part 3:creative commons austria launch

Today Austria CC launches – – I have spent a few days hanging out with the organisers of the Austrian effort. They have done a great job and it has been really interesting to see how the existance of CC is identified as being a key part of the network infrastructure required to develop open and/or free culture domains in Austria. Often, when I speak with CC folks they are very focused on individual artists, however it seems the institutional link has been made here very early. They already have one university that has incorporated CC as part of the student contract. This means that all student work is licenced under CC.

The speakers panel

Interesting stats coming out the creative commons. It turns out that 95% of all licences types selected included attribution. In future, CC intend to make attribution a default feature of the licences.

Other new things coming out of CC include continuing development of the nutch based search engine and the development of a CC content wiki.

BBC just got a great plug for the creative archive project. This project is of enormous interest and gaining in profile across Europe.


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  1. wow. i am sooo teh impressed mang. you caught all this just before rushing off the catch a flight waving your spime? sharp

  2. where can i edit my engrish. please. not that you could on my blog but uhm… oh mang
    ed’s note: send me the revision :)

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