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Why make the web?

First up…wow – it has been a long time since I have put fingers to keyboard on archiville!


What brings me back is I am doing some work for Mozilla on their Webmaker programme. Mozilla’s Webmaker is just what is says – the tools, the learning model, the communities and the content to ensure current generations and ones that follow are makers of their web. As you would expect we have mountains of writing, discussion, events and experiences that support Mozilla’s decision to invest in Webmaking. But as we head out for the big time, aiming to reach millions of people we realise that we don’t have a crisp articulation of Why making the web is so important. I mean we know why making the web is so important but we don’t feel as if we have found the right language that takes it from geekdom to everyonedom.  Which is why you find me dusting off archiville and asking for your help.

Mark Surman – Executive Director at Mozilla – has had a crack at a human readable explanation but it really is only scratching the surface and we need your input. Which bits resonate? What is missing? What have you read, heard, experienced that we could use to support our statements? Drop your thoughts into Mark’s blog comments or feel free to twitter thoughts to me @archiville if you prefer brevity.


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