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Mozilla and I

I am an employee of the Mozilla Foundation. My colleagues at the Foundation and the broader community we support are an extraordinary group of people aligned around a mission for an open and inclusive web. We work tirelessly to create the conditions for everyone to thrive in an age defined by the web. My colleagues spend their lives actively and vocally advocating for open, inclusive societies through the web.

I can’t walk away from these people nor the cause I share with them nor the potential for Mozilla to once again be known as the champion to all but neither can I continue to earn my living from Mozilla while it is seen to exclude and alienate anyone. So as of today, I am on unpaid leave. Hardly a brave act but one that I can take that doesn’t break my heart at the thought of permanently severing my connection to an organisation that I hope will very soon find its way back to the core values that I hold so dear. I will continue to work next to my colleagues for an open, inclusive web, continue to help Mozilla through these difficult days but I will do so as a volunteer for as long as I can.


Update: 28th March 2014

Under UK employment law I am not able to take unpaid leave and continue to work substantively for Mozilla. Given that, I have elected to stay in a paid role but will be donating my salary to Mozilla’s Webmaker programme –


Update: 30th March 2014

I am delighted that Mozilla has issued such a strong, positive statement on our position on equality



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7 Responses

  1. Schlukitz says:

    Thank you for placing yourself on the right side of history. Those of us who support your values and your mission for an open and inclusive web are solidly behind you.

  2. Thank you. I join Schlukitz in her/his sentiment.

  3. Rob G says:

    Nice to see someone with true convictions. I applaud you

  4. […] Le Dieu, a senior director at Mozilla, went one step further: In a short post to her personal blog, Le Dieu said she was taking an unpaid […]

  5. Don Keho says:

    You know that Brendan is the CEO of a completely different company than the Foundation you work for, right? By US tax law Firefox money earned by the taxable corporation isn’t shared back with the non-profit foundation so you’re not even indirectly profiting from his work.

  6. […] to work under him. While this may be true, what would I do if he declined? Would I be able to take the same stance as my colleague Paula and walk away? Much as I would like to say yes, I know deep down that this […]

  7. […] of them called for Mr. Eich’s resignation. One employee in Britain, Paula Le Dieu, put herself on “unpaid leave” in protest. Others stopped short of calling for Mr. Eich’s ouster but expressed frustration that […]

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