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Treasure i-land
Dominic Timms
October 06 2003

It is the biggest library of its kind in the world and it was built with your hard-earned money. But for years all you could access was what the chief librarian and a few of his cohorts decided to make available on the day. You could, of course, copy wh…

Auntie’s digital revelation
Danny O’brien
August 28 2003
Picture a small, corporate meeting room, somewhere in the north of England. In it are the secret rulers of Britain’s broadcasting establishment.

Full text of Greg Dyke’s Richard Dunn Memorial Lecture

August 26 2003
It seems every generation has a media revolution. For my mother, it was radio; for me it was television; for my children, it is digital.

Digital dark age looms
Jack Schofield
January 09 2003
When monks were compiling William the Conqueror’s Domesday Book in 1085, they probably didn’t expect it to last 1,000 years. But they would surely have been shocked by the idea that it would be unreadable in 10 to 20 years, or even 50 years. That, sad t…

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Well done, Greg, you’ve just earned BBC its licence fee
John Naughton
August 31 2003
Who’s the most important person on a film production team? It used to be the director, followed by the other creative folks. But if current trends continue, the person who determines what appears on the screen will be the lawyer.

Something Completely Different

The BBC is putting its vast archives online for free. Call it the next media model.


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