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psp makes sense now

I have had a psp since you could have a psp care of a fantastic going away present. Sadly, although a gorgeous machine it sat on my shelf…until Santa Alice bought me SSX tour for Christmas. Settings: music volume==0, ambient sounds==10, it now all makes complete sense. The screen is just big enough to fill your view with the same lovely mountain scapes as the console game although it can get a bit disorientating as the distance you can see ahead doesn’t seem as far. The music didn’t seem as great hence the volume==0 but Alice tells me that one of the selling points is that I should be able to load the psp with my own music and play it instead…I have a feeling however that it prolly won’t play well with itunes.


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foo:2004:kingdom of loathing

Finally a game made for me – Quinn Norton spoke about the Kingdom of Loathing today and already I am into it. I have some way to go (about 5 levels) before I am into the interesting economics that Quinn was speaking about. Already it has made me laugh and I haven’t been made to feel like a complete idiot because I can’t get my thumbs to syncopate with my index finger while at the same time using my big toe to hit the fire button.

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dance dance revolution – swings!

Last night I was out at 9:20 Special – great night – brand new floors were really nice even in sticky soled trainers and catching up with Dexter, Lak and Howard is always worth the effort.
Another really cool thing was that some local dancers had made a swing version of DDR called 9:20Special. It had all the classic numbers in it as well as customised graphics and of course customised choreography. The great news is that it is possible to look cool dancing on the mats to swing, the bad news is that you have to be Kevin St Laurent – he looked great!

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Archiville shorts

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