How Old do You Have to be to Work at Burger King

Are you always in love with the smell of delicious big burger? Why don’t you apply for a job in a burger cafe or restaurant? Besides earning a living, you can bring a burger home if you are lucky. There are some cafes or restaurants which sell burger, and one of the biggest is Burger King. Being established in 1954, Burger King whose headquarters is in Miami-Dade County, Florida has opened its restaurants across the countries.  Well, if you think it only accepts people who are university graduates, prepare yourself to know the truth about how old do you have to be to work at Burger King. This article will give useful information about the Burger King’s online application process.

How to Apply for a Job in Burger King

There are some steps you must do to apply for a job in Burger King. The minimum age to be recruited is also stated below:

Visit the Website

First thing first, you need to visit the website and click the Careers option. You will find some positions available there, such as warehouse storekeeper, restaurant management team, crew and delivery driver. Choose the position you want to apply by clicking Apply Now.

Choose the Position

After clicking the Apply Now, you will find the descriptions of the job such as the requirements and responsibilities. The minimum age requirements may vary in different countries or areas. Generally, most restaurants allow people who are at least 16 years old to apply especially for restaurant crew position. Yet, for restaurant management team or delivery driver require the minimum age of 18 years old to apply. Don’t forget to click the Apply Now on the bottom of the page after carefully reading the descriptions.

Fill in the Job Application Form

You will read some boxes to be filled in on the Job Application Form, such as Position Applied, Restaurant Location, Full Name, Date of Birth, Address, Contact Number, Notice Period, and Upload Resume. Make sure to fill in all boxes with * symbols.

Read the Pre-Application Disclosures

Don’t skip reading the Pre-Application Disclosures since you need to certify that all information you have filled is true. It is also used for receiving and responding to notifications in electronic form. Don’t forget to tick the Agree box or you can’t continue the process.

Complete the Online Application

After finishing the Job Application Form and agreeing with the Pre-Application Disclosures, you need to click the Apply Now below the Agree box. Finally, you will get a notification that the application process has finished and your application form has been submitted.

How Old do You Have to be to Work at Burger King ?

at least 16 years old.

Now, you have gotten the right information about the minimum age requirement to apply in Burger King and also the steps of online application. No need to worry that a young person like you can’t obtain an opportunity to earn a living. Although you don’t graduate from a reputable university, Burger King surely gives you the chance of having bright future career. Make sure that nothing can stop you from achieving your dream.

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