How Old Are You to Be To Work at Chipotle ?

Let’s be honest, sometimes you need extra cash to buy something you really dream of. But, as a young lad and not yet earning, your parents may dismiss the proposal to grant some money. This will then make you decide to save a little bit, but you still can’t get enough. You might come up with an idea to work part-time somewhere.

Youth employment usually varies in two big industries: fast-food restaurants and retail stores. There are many reasons for them to work in those industries, such as making ends meet or maybe as honest as buying something one has been wanting for long. Chipotle – widely known as a fast-food restaurant focusing on Mexican cuisines – can also be your choice to work part-time.

Starting Your Career at Chipotle

How Old Are You to Be To Work at Chipotle

Burritos and tacos in casual dining set is what Chipotle is well-known for. It brings the audacity to fuse American living with the hearty Mexican delicacies. Served with high-quality ingredients, Chipotle’s quality requirements send the restaurant’s food prices at the higher-end of fast-food industry. Just like any fast-food franchises, they offer a lot of positions needed to perform their restaurants in many locations.

Is working at Chipotle worth it?

For beginners, it is recommended not to complain about the job. Working at fast-food restaurants or any industries will give both strong and weak sides. For young teenager, Chipotle can be a ground zero for the career path.

How old are you to be to work at Chipotle?

According to their FAQ blog, the minimum age to work as a crew is 16. This is quite common to have 16 as minimum age in many fast-food restaurants. This is generally based on the average age when someone has reached certain level of maturity, and completed their secondary school.

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What kind of skills do you need?

Chipotle stated that they don’t have prerequisite skills one applicant has to own. You will have a training prior to working in their restaurant. However, as Chipotle stands on the F&B and service industry, it is important to have good communication skills, ability to understand people’s concern including their queries and complaints, and willingness to adapt fast. Good teamwork is also important to be obtained.

What do you get?

New crews will get a training, and special tuition assistance fund for both full and part-time employees. Moreover, they can give free burritos during working shift and 50% discount at their home store when you’re off work.

How should I apply for jobs?

Chipotle jobs can be applied online. Find their application form on their website and see if you are eligible to work there. Then, fill out the form and submit it. If you are still unsure about proceeding with the vacancy, signing up for the job alert newsletter can help to notify you.

To elaborate, working at fast-food restaurants will not offer easy workloads nor high salary. However, it is advised to build a fundamental work ethics, so in the future you will be experienced enough on how to manage your time and working with people.

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